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   Creating a Metal Quilt


Kim fires the copper in
a 1500° kiln to fuse the
glass to the surface of
each shape.


The Metal Quilt
Kim Eubank
Richmond, Virginia
804-402-7858 (tel)



Metal Quilts are original pieces of art created by Kim Eubank, available in galleries, at art shows, and on this site.

Kim’s original idea to make a Metal Quilt came from a combination of classes at Virginia Commonwealth University during her senior year (1996), and the influence of the geometric greats: Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright and the architect Hundertwasser.

An avid reader of southern literature, Kim was inspired by Alice Walker’s Everyday Use, in which two daughters disagree on the the treatment of family heirlooms. One daughter feels that the family quilts are an example of craftmanship that should be displayed like artwork on the walls; the other uses them for warmth out of necessity.

Intrigued by this juxtaposition, Kim decided to explore this classic argument of form vs. function. She created a soft-sided metal quilt using scraps of metal. She manipulated copper by using an enameling technique that had been taught in a recent jewelry class. Pieces of copper were sewn with sharp steel pins onto a soft, foam stuffed form and draped across a simple bed frame. The finished piece was elaborate and beautiful – but not functional as an object of warmth and comfort.


By 2014, Metal Quilts & Mirrors will be available only by special order so that I may concentrate on galleries, corporate installations and my children. I will no longer be showing this body of work at art fairs. Thank you to all my wonderful customers for 15 fabulous years!


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